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    “I learned to crochet when I was 8 to 9 years old. My beautiful mother (Lulu) taught me to make a chain and pillars and the rest was like opening a Pandora's box paving the way for my imagination activating my creative side. I evolved so much that I even started making bracelets, phone cases and head bands while I was in elementary, middle and high school. It then became a hobby for me and I managed to sell bandanas to a boutique when I was still in high school. According to what my mother learned when she was pregnant with me, I probably already knew how to crochet from the belly, lol. Thanks to the patience that my mom had back then, while teaching me to crochet, today I can create almost anything, and I love the fact that people challenge me to do new things.


    My creative world expanded then, while in high school my humble art teacher taught me and my group of friends how to make hair braids in macrame, using white thread and wooden beads. She said that for my type of hair it was not so harmful for me and since I had such long hair they fit me super well and looked different and so pretty.


    Afterwards, I spent many years without creating crochet pieces or macrame. But then, a couple of years ago my mom opened up her own business, and she challenged me to make dream catchers to put in her store. It just prompted me to discover the history of dream catchers and how to make them by hand, using the techniques I learned in the past. For me it is very fun and healing to be able to learn and do things with my hands and transmit that energy with love onto others.


    A year and a half ago my mom’s own personal and peculiar shop just thrived, and at that moment my creative side woke up again and with the passing of the upcoming months I started to mix the techniques of crochet and macrame for my dream catchers to sell them in her shop and voila! The magick began! I was able to expand my knowledge so much more! I love that I have been able to be a blessing and show others that there are no limits in this life.


    I have had the opportunity to be in different parts of North Carolina, at crafts shows and events showing and selling my creations. My creations are sold throughout the USA and Puerto Rico as well via my mom’s shop too. This has given me the opportunity to express and show who I am, where I come from and my talents to the whole world with my creations from the heart.


    My purpose and goal right now is to have my own physical store and classroom. My dream is to be able to teach what I do and at the same time give my students the opportunity to exhibit and sell their creations. My teachings will include not only the techniques but how something as simple as crocheting or creating macrame can be the pathway towards healing the heart and growing spiritually.

    My life has completely changed when I decided that this would be my business too. I force myself to work on myself personally, spiritually and physically.


    If it weren't for my mom I would never have discovered everything I can do in this life and for that I am grateful. We are not perfect but I am grateful for her teaching me to never give up and that I can take crazy steps and achieve anything. I never imagined being able to make a baby outfit or crop tops for my friends but I did and I'm impressed that I delivered better than they expected.


    Thank you all for the opportunities you present me and for the constant love and affection. It motivates me to continue and expand”. -Nana





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