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    🌙✨Who's Lulu? (me? lol)
    "My name is Margie but most people call me Lulu, after my precious angel grandma. I am a mother, a grandma, a furry mommy, a widow, currently in my awakening path, and madly in love with my hubby (a Colombian hunk!) I am a natural-born creative, and I truly enjoy creating digital art.
    I was born in Puerto Rico, which is USA territory, meaning I am a natural-born US citizen; but live in North Carolina. I am an empath, started my awakening process in 2018 when my former hubby passed away, (still in this process, since becoming a widow after being married for 25 years is not easy). I am what you could consider a new Eclectic Witch, I do not follow any coven, since I am still learning, thus yes I am still a "baby witch". I believe in promoting love, light, and positive energy. I believe in nature and love all animals, except creepy spiders... lol My hubby calls me Snow White since wherever we go, animals tend to follow me and reach out to me.
    I Got my own gifts... I tend to have very vivid dreams ever since I was a teenager... It's a long story, but it's a gift I have learned to embrace and still learning to understand. -My dreams are a way for my ancestors and people who crossed over (including my former hubby) to communicate with me, they talk to me and give messages.
    I suffer from Fibromyalgia, DDD, and rheumatoid arthritis, thus I know what it is to live in constant pain. As of right now I am dealing with it in the most natural possible ways, and also I receive Reiki Therapies, it does help a lot.
    I am very happy to be able to connect with mind-like people but also respect all ideologies. I just can't help but loving everybody. I am a Gemini, though, so I may be as kind and as sweet as I can be... but hey, don't mess with me or with one of my own, you will face the monster inside me! lol
    I hope this way you may be able to learn a bit about me".
    🌙✨Everyone is welcomed to join//follow//engage-with our Lulu's Blog! -Please be kind! -This is a judgment-free safe space, where we promote love and light and positive energy!🌙✨Feel free to add friends who may wish to participate in all things peculiar and magickal. 🌙 Blessed be-Lulu🌙✨


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